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Photography for Big Cats is a not-for-profit business that raises awareness and funds for Big Cats, other wildlife and our environment.

In this sense, we are offering Talks, producing Articles on relevant aspects and running a Fundraising Stall at zoos and wildlife parks at various times over the year.

Besides the work for the big cats our wildlife photographer is offering also Photographic Wildlife Surveys (utilising trail cameras) to help land owners and managers in England to manage their properties in a wildlife friendly manner and in line with the local Biodiversity Action Plan.

In order to raise funds for big cat conservation we sell Barbara's Big Cat Photography via our web page or at one of our fundraising stalls. We contribute 25% of proceeds from sales via our web page or via market and fair stalls, and at least 50% when selling via our fundraising stalls at zoos and wildlife parks to our carefully selected Big Cat Conservation partners: Have a look in our Gallery and see whether there are images, which you'd like for yourself or maybe for someone as a present. We offer Barbara's Big Cat Photography as mounted images or in form of other photoproducts like fridge magnets. If you prefer to have a look at the images and product selection, you can find information about the venues and dates for our fundraising stall on our Fundraising Events page.