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Photography for Big Cats is a not-for-profit business that raises awareness and funds for Big Cats, other wildlife species (including British wildlife) and our environment. In this sense, we are offering a wide range of Talks, producing Articles on relevant aspects and running a Fundraising Stall; primarily at zoos and wildlife parks.

We started off with and still do, raising funds for big cat conservation by selling Barbara's Big Cat Photography via our web page or at one of our fundraising stalls. We contribute all profits (at least 50%) when selling via our fundraising stalls at zoos and wildlife parks to our carefully selected Big Cat Conservation partners: We raise funds for Big Cat Conservation usually on long weekends during school holidays. More information about the venues and dates for our Photography for Big Cats fundraising stall is available via our Fundraising Events page.

While learning more about endangered tigers, Amur leopards and other big cat species, we encountered that their main problems are also issues for wildlife here in the UK. Based on this we cover these and in particular our Photographic Wildlife Survey work
(utilising trail cameras) also in our talks. Furthermore we are working on a campaign to raise awareness for the need to respect natural wildlife habitat areas, and we are offering to support land owners and managers in the East Midlands in managing their properties in a wildlife friendly manner and in line with the local Biodiversity Action Plan.

We offer most of our services free of charge or against a voluntary donation from the groups that benefit from this. As mentioned above, all profits from our Big Cat fundraising efforts go the relevant conservation group. We cover only our own costs
(production cost and travel expenses) when raising funds for other conservation groups and will always forward at least 50% of proceeds to the conservation groups, we raise the funds for (even if our costs are not covered fully) .

There are however other costs, which were so far covered out of Barbara's own savings, e.g. trail cameras plus accessories, web page subscription, equipment for providing talks and her own time. These funds are coming to an end and we will rely on public (your) support to continue with our mission to help endangered big cats and also wildlife in Britain.

Your donations will enable us also to offer talks to schools (as part of our Children's University work or otherwise) for free.
We currtently ask for a charge, but would like to provide these talksand interactive sessions solely on a donation basis in order to help children getting a better understanding for and connection with our natural environment.

We appreciate any contribution you will be able to give for Big Cat Conservation or our work for the wildlife here in the UK. Thank you!